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We’re helping independent restaurants to survive and thrive

RestaurantsWebsites.co.uk is part of Restaurant Growth UK, a business set up by marketing expert Paul Green.


Every day two more UK restaurant businesses go bust. Restaurant Growth UK exists to make sure that business is booming for your restaurant.

Unless your restaurant is led by a big name chef, its success or failure doesn’t really have much to do with the food you serve. So long as the food is delicious enough; that’s OK.

What will really dictate whether or not you turn a great profit from your restaurant, is your abilities in marketing and customer service.

How well do you win new customers? How good are you at persuading them to eat with you again? How brilliant are your staff at upselling the non-offensive way; and delivering a consistent experience every time?

This is why our business exists… to help you improve your business.

At Restaurant Growth UK, we have a simple mission: To help restaurant owners create strong, profitable businesses that don’t need them to be there every day in order to thrive. And this is achieved using effective and proven marketing and growth methods.

The chains are expanding. The public are getting more savvy about eating out. It’s harder than ever before to be a restaurant owner. This is your wake-up call. It’s time to make your business more robust and make it as profitable and strong as you can, so you have the power and resources to see off all of these challengers.

If you are serious about seeing growth in your restaurant despite the way the market is changing, we can help you – and your growth is 100% guaranteed.

Put simply, if you want a website that works, built by a team that understands restaurants and the way people think, then you should trust RestaurantsWebsites.co.uk.

Because your website is fully guaranteed, there’s absolutely no risk for you.

The legal stuff

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