A specialist UK restaurant website with no hassle and all the work done for you

Getting a new website built for your restaurant used to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. Not any more! The special marketing team behind Restaurant Growth UK can now build and write a brand new website for you. And you’re guaranteed to love the end result, or the work will be repeated at no cost to you. Your website is set up for you quickly and easily. All the hard work is done for you – literally everything. Your new site will NEVER be delayed because of a web developer waiting for you to supply content or ideas.

The Growth UK team has worked with dozens of restaurant owners. So we understand how you think and work – and the best way to market to customers. Every little detail of your website will be set up for you. And then you can tweak and change the website content as much as you want. We’ve made this as simple as possible to get an effective and powerful website quickly and easily. There are 5 simple steps to get started:

Complete the quick start questionnaire and arrange your phone interview with our writer


Answer a series of clever questions during the phone interview to give our writer the deepest possible insight into your restaurant and why customers choose you. Also, tell them what kind of website designs you love and hate, and pick the colour scheme you want


Pick the domain name you want (this is registered in an account in your name so you will always own it)


Pick the email addresses you want and where you want the mail to be delivered


Get your new website up and running


BONUS: You’ll even receive a free web traffic guide, listing at least 10 proven ways you can use to drive traffic to your website. The idea behind RestaurantsWebsites.co.uk is that you get everything you need without any hassle or any technical knowledge needed

Here’s how you benefit

Restaurant marketing specialists

Your website will be built and maintained by the team at Growth UK. They are not techy web developers who struggle to speak “human”. They are trusted marketing specialists.

Your site looks great on a mobile

All our websites are built using something called responsive design – which means they automatically look great on any screen, including phones and tablets

All the difficult work done for you

Your website built and personalised by experienced web developers.

Your website won’t be delayed because you’re too busy

Text and images provided so you’re not held up by having to create your own content.

No difficult techy questions or scary jargon

You deal with people who speak “human” not “computer”.

Most up-to-date and safest content management system

Your website will be built in WordPress, a content management system that is constantly updated and considered to be the most “future-proof”. One in six new websites created worldwide are built in WordPress.

Latest technology

A contact us form and Google Maps showing the location of your restaurant are provided. If you have social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook they can be included quickly and easily.

Safe and easy

Your website hosted in the UK with all the technology sorted out for you.

Quick and easy to get your website updated

You get full access to your WordPress site so you can tweak it whenever you want, at no cost. Don’t worry if you mess it up as your website will be backed up regularly.

You can get someone else to maintain and make changes to your website if you want to

Unlimited changes for a small monthly fee with no contract, so you can cancel any time.

Email is easy

Unlimited email accounts will be set up for you. Emails can either be sent to an existing address or a new Gmail account set up.

Easy to drive traffic

You will be given a web traffic guide showing you the most reliable ways to get traffic to your new website.

Understand what’s happening on your website

A Google Analytics report can be emailed to you every month showing how much traffic you’ve had and what people did when they visited your website.

Your domain name purchased and renewed for you

You own this domain, meaning you maintain complete control over what happens to your website in the future. If you already have a domain, you’ll be told how to point it at your new website.

Help whenever you need it

Your site will be regularly backed up using powerful automated tools. And you can access full technical support by email or phone (weekdays 9am to 5pm).

No hidden costs

Everything you need is included in your fee. And the optional extras are clearly priced.